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My name is Maja Wilki (or Mickey). I am a 16 year old blogger & vlogger. I blog about fashion, beauty, make-up and controversial issues. I like to get my point across and I love writing & talking about my opinion. (I try to think about other peoples feelings, don't worry).

I have always been interested in make-up and fashion. I remember one day when I was maybe 12, I was talking about makeup with my mum, and she told me to research some easy makeup for young teenagers. And so I did. And of course, I ended up on Youtube. I started watching videos about makeup and beauty daily. I would come home from school and sit on my laptop and watch videos for the rest of the day. I learned and I learned, and one day I decided that I wanted to become a makeup artist. Unfortunately now, 4 years later, it isn't my ambition anymore. I just like to do it for fun & entertainment. Fashion is a bit different, I was always interested in fashion, I used to go to an after-school textiles club every Wednesday. I've made 2 bags by myself! (Ok, not totally by myself, I had help from other people). I come from a v. v. creative family. My dad, he's more into music and my mum, more into arts, crafts, fashion, that type of thing. And so, their hobbies have gone into me as well.

And so I have this blog where I talk about all things pretty & all things nice. I hope you enjoy reading & watching and if you have any questions, you can email me at maja98@hotmail.co.uk

Camera that I use: SONY DSLR-A230


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