Monday, 7 July 2014

Start of Sixth Form ♥

So I have finished my GCSE examinations, and now what? The long summer and then, the exciting and nerve-wrecking start of sixth form! 
I am so nervous about starting sixth form, mainly because it'll be a completely higher level of education but also new teachers, students, subjects... At the same time I am super super excited! I will be able to meet new people (hopefully new people will come to my school's sixth form) and I'll be able to study subjects which I've wanted to study for a really long time, and only those subjects! 

I know that I need to be a better person from the 3rd of Sept '14. I am going to really focus on studying and really focus on things that are going to help my future. I mean, I chose these subjects because I hope they will help my future! I chose the subjects that I enjoy the most and hopefully will want to have a career in.
But I'm thinking of changing my choices. I chose: Graphic Design, Photography and Media Studies. But I think I want to change the Graphic Design option to something like maybe Art or Textiles. But I'm not quite sure yet because Graphic Design sounds v. v. interesting, but I'm more interested in Textiles and sewing and crafting, that type of thing! I guess we'll just see what happens.

I will do a blog post at the end of September to keep ya'll updated on how my start to sixth form turned out! 
Let me know if you're excited or nervous for the start sixth form or the start of a new school year in the comments below! Thanks for reading :)

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