Sunday, 13 July 2014

[EXPERIENCE] Nose Piercing

I got my nose pierced on the 14th of June, 2014. I always wanted to get my nose pierced, every since I was really young. I always thought they looked really cool and so I wanted one! I finally decided to go after I finished my GCSE exams (like literally, I finished on Friday and went on Saturday). 
I was super excited but nervous. I read online that the pain level is really low, that the nose piercing is the one that hurts the less. But I haven't gotten any other piercing done apart from my ears before this so I didn't know what to expect. So I searched for the most popular piercing place in my area because I wanted a really professional piercer. I payed £20 in total (including the stud). 

For me, it really hurt. Like a lot. But obviously this was my first facial piercing so I didn't know what to expect. She put the needle in, and after put in the stud which hurt the most probably because it was one that had the twisted end. I would give it a 4 out of 10. Mine bled a lot. It all depends on the person, and the lady said that some people bleed a lot and unfortunately I was one of them. I thought something was wrong, because it kept bleeding and bleeding. But somehow after 5 minutes of holding a tissue over the piercing, it stopped. I payed, and woila!

I had to leave the piercing in for 6 weeks so that my skin gets used to the hole and the stud. She said I have to clean it everyday with hot water and a teaspoon of salt. Honestly I didn't do that everyday, I did it maybe once a week or so (don't follow my footsteps, do as she tells you to, seriously). I didn't have any infections or anything like that, so thank god for that (even though I'm atheist, haha).

If you're scared to get it done because you have problems with your skin, such as that you can only wear real gold or real silver otherwise it gets all pussy and disgusting, don't worry about it. I was scared because I too have this problem and I can't wear earrings, and when I do they have to be gold or silver. I emailed them and they said they use a special type of metal so I shouldn't worry about it. My recommendation would be to email them so you know exactly, because if they use some fake silver, you're screwed. And you've just wasted £20 or even more. 

Thanks a lot for reading, and good luck with your nose piercings! 

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