Thursday, 19 June 2014

[TAG] 6 Products I Can't Live Without!

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So I have to choose 6 products that I can't live without,... hmm... easy!
I don't use a lot of products anyway, so I can easily pick 6. So let's get started!
So numer 1 is --> Hair & Shoulders Shampoo! I know it may sound a bit lame, but I honestly cannot live without this product! I personally have very bad dandruff and this shampoo helps me a lot. If I use any other shampoo I automatically get dandruff again and my hair itches and looks horrible. (I don't have head lice, if you're wondering). It's an amazing product and I can't live without it!

Number 2 is --> Pichtowy Antybakteryjny Krem Nawilzajacy. You're probably thinking "What the heeeeell is that?", well it's a Polish face cream. My type of skin is really bad, oily and dry at the same time. And I have been looking for a good face cream for years & years. And this is it. I also use a toner from this company and it works brilliantly. The company uses very natural resources and the name 'Pichtowy' is actually the name of a tree - so as you can tell, it's very natural. It doesn't contain alcohol or anything like that. Without this cream I'd probably still be looking for a really good fac cream that doesn't give me a rash, spots or red blemishes!

Number 3 is --> Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Correction Concealer. This stuff is just amazing. This is probably the first ever concealer I have ever bought, but, it's bloody amazing. (I sound so British, ha!) I only apply this after I've applied foundation and before I have applied powder. It has very good coverege and it's neither thick or powedery - it's just the perfect consistancy!

Now numer 4! --> EcoTools Angled Eyeliner Brush. I know this brush is supposted to be used for eyeliner, but instead I use it for my eyebrows! This brush is the perfect shape to use for my eyebrows and it's flat and not bushy so it's just perfect! I think the brand 'EcoTools' is just amazing itself. I have a couple of brushes from their company, I have  an eyeshadow brush, a concealer brush, a blush brush and of course this one! It's really nice and soft and I don't know what I would use if I didn't have this!

Number 5 is --> EOS Lipbalm. I know, I know. This product is probably over-rated, but I really truly love it! It keeps my lips moisturized, maybe not for long, but at least it does for some time! It's very creamy, thick and smells absolutely amazing. I have mine in 'Mint' and I am seriously obsessed with the smell of it. One thing I hate about it is that they only sell these in the USA and Canada. I got mine because my friend went to America for a holiday and she brought a couple of these back with her, and so she was selling them in school. I wish they sold them in the UK!

And finally, number 6 --> Mitchum deodrants. These products have literally saved my life. I tend to sweat a lot (embarrising to post on the internet, I know) and I've looked everywhere for good deodrants. These are really great, I still sweat but not as much when I wear them. I use the wet roll on first, and after use the original deodrant, and it works amazingly!
So that's it. These products are my absolute needs. I just want to say, I have saved these images from the internet so I have not taken them myself. Thanks a lot for reading and I will see you next time!



  1. I love Head and Shoulders, it's a great product

    1. Me too defo! I really like your blog :)