Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Lookbook


This is my third blog post and I didn't know what it should be about. But then I thought about it and well what's popular in June, July and August? The weather! The first day of Summer will on the the 21st of June (2014) and so, I decided that I'd do a Summer Lookbook so you could take some inspiration from me for what to wear in the pretty summer days☺

My camera is in England so I'm really sorry about the bad quality of photos! (I had to use webcam)

Cute knitted & cute denim - Crop top and shorts combination

A blue crop top and high wasted shorts. The crop top is from H&M and the shorts are from a charity shop in Brighton. I really like this combination because the high wasted shorts do cover up a lot of your stomach, but you can still see a bit of it because of the crop top! This outfit would be great for the beach, or just if you're going out on a really hot day.
(top from: H&M, shorts from: a charity shop)

This crop top is made out of a really thick material, almost like it was knotted. I love how the colours go from light to dark! I bought it for £3! What a bargain.

All things pretty & all things floral - Summer dress

I don't really wear dresses, but I loooove this one. It's so floral and pretty. Perfect for the beach. This is my absolute must for the summer! The company that made this dress is 'Mimi Chica' but I'm pretty sure I bought it in TK Maxx.
(dress from: TK Maxx)

This is a closer shot, so you can see the floral patterns. If you're wondering if I did anything to my hair, the answer is no. This is my natural hair :)

Cute & stylish cold nights - Sweater and formal trousers

The reason I picked out this particular combination is because I simply love the colours. The jumper has coral colours, coral cream, white, light red, dark blue. The trousers are totally grey, just not a dull grey, a pretty grey. This outfit is great for colder nights, or formal days. Whether you're going to a business meeting, or to a barbaque at night where the sun is already set, this outfit is perfect.
(sweater from: Tesco, trousers from: H&M)

I added a cute necklace but it's totally optional! This particular necklace is so in fashion right now and I love it. It's close to the neck, it almost looks like a tattoo. I actually bought mine on Ebay for £3. You can find the link to the Amazon one here.

Cute fake leather flats - Shoes

I have chosen one pair of shoes that will go with every outfit. These are brown fake leather flat shoes. I'm not sure what they're called. I really love them, apart from the fact that I have to wear plasters whenever I want to wear them, they give me blisters like mad!
(shoes from: TK Maxx)

So that's all! Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you take some inspiration from me :)


  1. love this article gurl! I'd love to read more of articles like this - well done :3