Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How to have clear skin ♥


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So you're wondering how to have clear skin with no zits, pimples, blemishes, redness, and so on? In this blog post I will give you a couple of tips & tricks on how to do that. I've read a lot of articles, blog posts, books, etc. on how to maintain clear skin so I will try to convey my knowledge from my brain to yours!

1. Drink Water
I know you've probably heard this step a milion times, but honestly from experience, it really works. Me personally, I never get thirsty, like ever. And you might think that that's great. But it's not, I get headaches all the time, I get dizzy, I never go to the toilet (I could pee only once in a day if I wanted to) etc. This also includes my nails, they break all the time. My hair gets greasy a day after I wash it. My skin is bad, I get spots & pimples. Water solves everything, it makes you feel a whole lot better! Drinking at least 5 glasses a day helps you to keep hydrated and healthy. This means less spots :)

2. Avoid Certain Type of Foods
Oily foods such as chips (or fries), pizza, lasagna, cheeseburgers, etc. will give you spots! So try and avoid them. I know it's hard, but like the same with water, it'll make you feel so much better. If you avoid these oily foods you will have a lower chance of getting acne, spots and also oily skin. Also try to limit your sugar intake everyday. For example, instead of taking 2 sugars in your tea or coffee, take 1. Instead of having a whole packet of haribo's, eat a half. Sugar causes inflammation in the body, which causes breakouts.

3. Exercise daily (outside)
If you are lazy like me, you will find this difficult, especially everyday! But this will help because if you sit all day on your computer on Facebook or Tumblr, you're not letting your skin breathe in the fresh air, and so it produces nasty spots. Eww. So make sure you go out everyday, and let your skin refresh and breathe a little. It also let's you breathe! On sunny days, going outside is a must. The sun really cleans your skin and clears all your spots. In the summer I usually have really good skin because I love to tan my face in the sun! The sun also makes everyone smile :)

4. Clean your skin in the morning + night
After I eat breakfast, I brush my teeth and then clean my whole face with a toner. This just makes my skin feel fresh and it gets rid of all the nasty bacteria that was on it at night. I do the same at night before I go to bed. I clean off all of my makeup with the toner, and then I wait for it to dry and after, use a face cream. This really helps, it makes you feel fresh & healthy, and it also get's rid of all of the bacteria on your face! You can also try the vapour method, where you get a wet towel (luke warm water) and place it on your face for around 15 mins. This may not work for everyone, but it's worth a try!

5. Makeup isn't necessary
Don't feel like you have to wear a lot of makeup. Maybe, makeup is what is causing all of your spots! Don't apply foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, etc. if you're skin is looking really good. Even if it looks bad and you're having a breakout, try to refresh your face with wearing no makeup for a day or two. Especially if you're staying at home for the whole day and not going out, whats the point in putting makeup on and wasting it just to look good, even though no body is there to see it anyway?! There is no point. Don't cover up all of your pores and spots, let them breathe a bit.

The most important steps are the 3 top ones. Drink water, avoid certain types of foods & exercise daily, and in 2 months you will see the massive difference. Try this, and I promise you, you won't be disappointed. Just give it a go, and let me know what you think in the comment below! ♥

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