Sunday, 16 November 2014

I'm really sorry :(

Oh my gosh, I feel so incredibly terrible for not posting in for ever. I have started sixth form, and as you can imagine, it's so much work! I didn't think I would be so busy and have so much deadlines and things to do. So I am really, truly sorry that I haven't been posting. And, I know, I don't have many followers anyway and no one is really going to care, but there might be someone, someone that liked my posts before, so I am hopefully start doing them again!

Anyway firstly let me talk about sixth form. Ahh. Sixth form. A Levels. So bleeping difficult. Luckily enough I only chose 2 subjects, BTEC National Business and A Level Photography. I am also doing A Level Polish and repeating GCSE English (which I didn't pass, ... whoops.) I absolutely love A Level Photography, we learn about the history of photography, cameras, and guess what... we even got DSLR's each! Not to keep of course, but we will have these camera's for the 2 years of this course, and that also includes tri-pods and 32gb memory cards. My school has also upgraded their computers and now we have iMacs for Photography and Media subjects. Great, huh?! So now I will also be able to record videos aswell. BTEC Business is very difficult. Now the subject, because generally learning about business is fairly easy, for me. But there are so many deadlines. It's ridiculous. And I have a teacher that I dislike. Which is the worst thing that can happen. But... that's life, right?!

Other things that have been happening in my life:

-I went to London quite recently with my best friend, which was quite an amazing experience and I am definitely going there again soon.
-My obsession with Cameron Dallas has reached new heights; I don't think I have ever talked about this obsession, but trust me, you don't want to be sitting next to me when I am scrolling through images of Cameron Dallas.
-Quite recently one of my family members passed away. Exactly one week ago to be exact. And therefore I had the worst week of my life since I wasn't even able to go to the funeral.
-I have turned into a book freak again. Oh no. I will make a blog post all about my favourite books soon, hopefully.
-I am incredibly cold right now, I am sitting in my room with a beanie on, a long sleeved top, a cardigan, jeans and thin socks. I should probably put thicker socks on, turn the heating on and make myself a nice cuppa, but I really can't be bothered to move from my position.

I really hope you guys forgive me for my absence, I am going to try to post here more regularly now and not make any excuses. Anyway, thanks for reading & see you in my next post!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Let's go on an Adventure...

I went to Snowdonia (Wales) and stayed there for 3 days with my parents, brother and best friend. We slept in tents, went on adventures and smiled the whole time. Here are some photos that I took:


First we visited a Waterfall called 'Swallow Falls' and it was really exciting because I had never seen a waterfall before in my life!

After we set up our tent, it started pouring with rain. And it rained and rained... nearly for the whole day. We sat and chilled, drinking beer and playing Uno. 

After it stopped raining, we went for a walk. We decided to explore the woods and walk along the lake. 


We went out for a hike, and we walked for around 2 hours. It was extremely fun and we had an amazing view as we were walking.

There was a lot of sheep! But that's what Wales is known for...

We found an amazing lake and obviously me being me, I had to go in. I love water so I had to see what it was like! The water was extremely clear and beautiful!


On the last day we decided to visit 'Dolbandarn Castle' and it was beautiful. So historical and amazing.

This was an amazing experience. The views were breathtaking and if you ever get a chance of visiting Snowdonia in Wales then definitely do. You won't regret it!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Tumblr Inspirations #1

This is the first Tumblr Inspirations! In this series I am going to post a bunch of photos from Tumblr that I really like. It could be pictures of places I want to go to, food I want to try or eat, jewellery I want to buy, etc... So let's start!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Handcream collection ♥

I am slightly obsessed with handcreams. I love buying new ones and not using the old ones... (oopsie). But I have extra dry skin, so I'm allowed! Here is my collection:

Atrixo Moisturizing Cream (3/5) - This was only £1. I bought this because I desperately needed a hand cream. It smells ok. Just like a normal body cream, and it dries pretty quickly. It doesn't leave my hands moisturized for long though.

Yardley Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream in 'English Rose' (2.5/5) - This. Smells. Amazing. Not everyone is going to like the smell of this, but I certainly do. It smells like dried roses. For the actual hand cream though... not so good. My hands stay oily for ever and I really don't like that. But the smell, the smell!

Cheri L'amour Hand and Nail Cream (4.5/5) - This hand cream is my favourite out of my collection. I got this from my best friend last year on my birthday and I still have it because I don't want to finish it! It smells like heaven and sinks in so extremely fast. It leaves my hands really soft and moisturized. 

Palmer's Concentrated Cream (1.5/5)- This moisturizes my hands a lot, but it makes them really oily. It smells alright, but the smell isn't very fascinating or anything. 

Soap & Glory Body Butter (2/5) - This cream also makes my hands really oily! I can never find creams that don't do that! But I guess for winter it's okay because my hands are extra EXTRA dry. It smells incredible. I prefer the Hand Food Hand Cream though. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Biking Away

Me and my best friend went on a bike ride to a lake. We were cycling around looking for pretty places. Here are the photographs I took! (click on them to enlarge them):